Eine Luxus Lifestyle Kollektion

Die Nachfrage nach Reisen im Privatjet steigt kontinuierlich an, da die Vorteile der Geschäftsluftfahrt immer deutlicher werden. Um unserem Anspruch, das Unmögliche möglich zu machen, gerecht zu werden, suchen wir ständig nach einzigartigen Reisen an außergewöhnliche Orten und entwickeln exklusive Services, die das Reisen für unsere Kunden bequemer machen. Unser Ziel ist es, nicht nur Privatjetflüge anzubieten, sondern auch eine Komplettlösung für alle Ihre Reisebedürfnisse. Ein maßgeschneiderter Luxus-Concierge-Service, der inspirierende und einzigartige Erlebnisse arrangiert.


The luxury lifestyle collection

At Avcon Jet, we are always seeking out exciting adventures in extraordinary places so that we can offer you world-class experiences all over the globe. We aim to not only offer private jet flights, but also a complete solution for all of your travel needs, which is why we are constantly evolving our services so that we may accommodate all of your needs and relieve all travel planning stresses. With our bespoke luxury concierge service, we arrange once in a lifetime experience you can’t find anywhere else. 


Our refined selection of partners offer only the best of the best. From the world’s finest hotels and gourmet experiences to luxury yacht charter and unforgettable excursions – discover Avcon Jet Concierge, where we stick to our motto: 

Nothing’s impossible.
Or in other words:
Avcon Jet. Unimpossible.

Gulfstream in Antarctica


Together with White Desert Antarctica, we offer the rare opportunity to land your aircraft on the first and only private jet runway in Antarctica.

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With our partner, Wilderness Safaris, you can take amazing journeys through the African wilderness and experience all the continent has to offer, including exciting encounters with its wildlife. 

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Elephant in river
San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice


Spend a magical weekend making memories on the water at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski.

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Whether it be a helicopter ride, limousine service, or a chauffeur pick-up right on the tarmac, we will organize the transfer service of your choice at your request. 


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Helicopter transfer service
Man jumping into ocean off a yacht


Planning the ultimate yachting experience has never been so easy. We’ll take you straight from the sky to the water where your private yacht awaits you serviced by Ocean Independence.

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Though we have grown immensely, we have stayed true to our principles. Our promise is to always uphold the values that set us apart.

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We take our responsibility for sustainability seriously and strive to become an industry leader in the standards we set.

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Private Jet Charter

Take off to a world beyond. Travelling via private jet saves you both time and stress.

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Jet Management

Your jet – our business. Enjoy the benefits of owning your own private jet without having to deal with all the stress of the logistics.

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Our Fleet

We operate more than 100 aircraft worldwide covering the entire spectrum of business jet models.

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