Citation CJ1+

  • Classification: Very Light Jet
  • Passenger Capacity: 5
  • Range: up to 1.400 NM


Citation CJ1+

Very Light Jet of US manufacturer Cessna. The Cessna Citation CJ1+ is a very popular aircraft for a range of up to 1.400 nm and seating up to five passengers.

Travel Range: 1.400,00 nm / 2.593,00 km

Maximum Cruising Speed: 430,00 mph / 692,00 kmh

Max Operating Altitude: 45.000,00 ft / 13.700,00 m

Passengers: 5

Flight Attendant: no

Hot Meal: no

Beds: no

Baggage: external

Cabin Height: 4,76 ft / 1,45 m

Cabin Width: 4,80 ft / 1,47 m

Cabin Length: 13,62 ft / 4,15 m

Maximum Take Off Weight: 10.700 lbs / 4.853 kg

Take Off Distance: 3.210 ft / 978 m

Minimum Landing Distance: 2.590 ft / 789 m›

Cessna Citation CJ2+ front
Cessna Citation CJ1+ side
Cessna Citation CJ1+ floorplan
Cessna Citation CJ2+ cross section
Cessna Citation CJ1+ cabin
Exterior & Interior
Cessna Citation CJ1+ cabin
The cabin offers comfortable seats for up to five passengers. Cold snacks and drinks are offered by the crew.
Cessna Citation CJ1+ exterior