Avcon Jet U.S.A.

Avcon Jet U.S.A.

At Avcon Jet we are proud of providing top-notch aircraft management and charter services to clients across the world. Recently, the company announced plans to expand its operations to the United States, a move that has been eagerly anticipated.

For years, Avcon Jet has been serving clients across Europe, Asia, and Africa. With our vast experience in private aviation, we have built a reputation for providing exceptional services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client as well as making missions possible where others fail.

Expanding to the United States is a strategic move for Avcon Jet as the country is home to many high-net-worth individuals and businesses that require private aviation services. By establishing a presence in the U.S., Avcon Jet will be able to tap into this market and offer its services to a wider range of clients.

Our expansion into the U.S. involves the establishment of a new office and the move of Max Maruna to the United States to begin to build our growth story in the market.

Avcon Jet also offers a range of other services, including aircraft management, charter brokerage, and aircraft maintenance. These services are designed to ensure that clients receive comprehensive support throughout their aviation journey, from the moment they step on board the aircraft to the time they disembark.

Overall, the expansion of Avcon Jet to the United States is an exciting development that is set to further build our growth and development. With our reputation for excellence and commitment to providing exceptional services, Avcon Jet is poised to become a major player in the U.S. private aviation market.

Being COO for many years and a shareholder of our company, Max Maruna is a valued board member who is essential to the growth of Avcon Jet. Thanks to his wealth of experience and expertise in the industry and in Avcon Jet, he will be key to building our company’s presence in this important market. Max’s decision to move to the U.S. is a testament to his dedication and commitment to our company. His deep understanding of the industry and his expertise in building and managing successful businesses will be invaluable in helping us establish our presence in the U.S.

As a leading private aviation company, we recognize the importance of having a strong presence in the U.S., given the country’s significant role in the global aviation industry. By establishing a presence in the U.S., we aim to expand our reach and offer our services to a wider range of clients, thereby cementing our position as a leading player in the industry.

Max’s primary focus in this new endeavor will be on building our company’s operations in the U.S. including, setting up new offices, acquiring managed aircraft that meet U.S. regulations, and building a team of professionals who can provide exceptional services to our clients. On top of this new role, he will continue to work closely with our existing team in Austria and will maintain his duties as COO of the group and Avcon Jet AG.

We are excited about this development and believe that Max’s move is a significant step forward in our growth and expansion plans. We look forward to building a successful and thriving business in the U.S. that is committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients in line with our mission statement and our goal. Avcon Jet, unimpossible.

Please find the contact details of our new U.S. office below:

Phone:     +1 303 395-5168
Address:  Avcon Jet North America
                 7442 Mt Sherman Rd.
                 Longmont, Colorado, 80503