What we have to offer

At Avcon Jet, we’re more than just an aviation company—we’re just plane people. Our team is made up of down-to-earth individuals who share a common enthusiasm for everything that takes flight.

We believe that fostering a supportive and inspiring work environment starts with valuing our employees. As an Avcon Jet team member, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits designed to enhance your professional growth, well-being, and overall job satisfaction.


The Avcon Jet head office is located in a modern office in the heart Vienna, Austria. Close by are beautiful historical Viennese staples such as Karlskirche and Schloss Belvedere as well as a number of nice restaurants and supermarkets. The office is also very accessible by public transport, air conditioned, and has nice kitchens with stocked refreshments.

Karlskiche near our Avconjet's headoffice in Vienna.
Map of Avcon Jet Offices over the world with the headquarter in Vienna.

International Career Opportunities

As we have several offices around the world, our career opportunities don’t stop at Vienna. If you prefer working at any of our other office locations, movement is possible!

Position Flexibility

We really believe that you should do what you love, so job flexibility is another important perk that we offer! If you’re in a position you’re just not happy with, think you might be better in a different role, or just plain want to try out working for another department, we offer opportunities to work throughout the company and experience new positions.

A pilot fixing his tie before welcoming a customer.
Avcon Jet's employees enjoying the benefit of a rafting team event.

Team Events & Parties

All work and no play? Of course, not!

At Avcon Jet we hold several team events throughout the year for team building, but also just for fun! Our latest excursion was white water rafting and, as you can see, it was a blast. We also have a summer staff party and a Christmas party each year to give proper thanks to our team for all that they do.

Continuous Training

Proper training is a necessity for the work that we do and we always ensure all of our employees are up-to-date with the latest trainings respective to their roles. Therefore, we are always learning! When you work with us there is a ton of opportunity to learn more about all aspects of the aviation industry and expand upon what you already know.
A group of Avcon Jet's dispatchers during a training session.
As a benefit Avon Jet's provides an e-bike programm.


We offer a range of enticing incentives all Avcon Jet employees can benefit from.  Our e-bike program offers discounted deals on e-bikes, we offer discounted leasing options for private cars, performance-based bonuses, and more!

Job Securtiy

Avcon Jet has been around for quite some time now, and we don’t plan on going anywhere. Therefore, when you work for us, job security is one thing you can consider a guarantee along with the opportunity to develop long-term within your role.
Employer shaking an employees hand and promising him a secure job.
A pilot inspecting the underside of a wing to ready the business jet for takeoff.

Unique Field of Work

Aviation isn’t the most mainstream industry to work for, but it is definitely one of the most interesting and exciting. How often can your friends say they got to go to the VIP terminal at the airport and see a private jet up close and personal or work directly with pilots? Probably not many, but when you work at Avcon Jet you can!