Although we have grown immensely since our start in 2007, we have stayed true to our principles. Avcon Jet operates under a shared set of values motivated by a collective goal to provide the best services in both aviation management and charter the market has to offer. Our promise is to always uphold the values that set us apart.


Avcon Jet is built on a foundation of trust and loyalty. Over the years, our management team has remained the same and has grown together.

Because of this, we have been able to bundle our know-how to create the aviation think tank that is Avcon Jet. This stability ensures continuity in the upholding of our values, which is something all of our customers benefit from.

Instead of being managed by a group mentality of maximum profit at any cost, Avcon Jet is managed by the exact team that founded the company. Therefore, we operate with a long-term perspective for steady growth and maintain our focus on our customers.

A pilot and his


Since our start, we haven’t invested in flashy advertising for the masses. This is for one reason: we don’t need to. Our customer service has been of the highest quality since the beginning, and it speaks for itself. That’s why we invest where it matters: in our employees, in innovative ideas, and in quality.

We believe our work is only as good as our employees, which is why we continuously invest in our team to ensure we can offer the best service possible. Our multilingual team is available 24/7 to assist you – because we understand the importance of having someone to talk to that understands your needs. 

In the ever-evolving world of aviation, innovation is key. We invest in innovative ideas so we can offer the most effective solutions for all of our customers.

We understand quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to business aviation services. That’s why we have built trusted relationships throughout the industry and have become a preferred partner of specific banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies. This allows us, furthermore, to offer the highest quality of services on the market.

Our promise is to always offer the highest level of care you have come to expect from us.


These aren’t just words…

Avcon Jet’s high level of safety has been certified by WYVERN and ISBAO stage 2 – two of the most challenging safety certifications to earn. We operate according to EASA Commercial standards, FAA requirements, and ICAO recommendations as well. Our high regard for safety and our certifications, allows us to benefit from the market’s lowest insurance rates. We are also a partner of the trust for government flights and for organ transplant flights of the Vienna General Hospital due to our safety standards.

Moreover, we ensure that all Avcon Jet employees are properly trained in every area of aviation safety. Our team members are obligated to take additional training courses including:

  • Risk assessment training
  • Flight deck training
  • Evaluation flights
  • Decision making and data management courses


Avcon Jet employs specialists in every field of aviation. Our team is well educated and has years of experience in the industry, but we have something even more: passion. We are aviation enthusiasts, not only sharing a dream, but living it.

Passion is the driving force throughout our company.  Even our Supervisory Board, consisting of top-class managers of well-established national and international companies, share our enthusiasm for aviation. Avcon Jet Chairman, Alexander Vagacs, is also a part of the Aviation Committee of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation, and Technology. The Committee shares knowledge with Austrian leaders in the field of aviation and regularly gathers information on new developments in the industry- further guarantors for stability and our high level of expertise.


At Avcon Jet, we take our responsibility for sustainability seriously. We are dedicated to continually improving upon all of our operations to ensure we are always working with the highest regard for sustainability. While we live in times where it seems many things are working against the environment instead of for it, our promise is to do our part in protecting our world and to become an industry leader in the standards we set. 

From our business in the sky to our business on the ground, we have taken strides to reduce our carbon footprint. We have begun several initiatives for eco-friendly operations: offering sustainable mobility programs for our employees, such as our e-bike program, empty-leg flight offers, optimising our office operations to be environmentally friendly, and pairing with 360 Jet Fuel to offer carbon offsetting programs to our customers. Our sustainability department works around the clock to implement the best methods for long-lasting sustainable initiatives. They are the baseline by which Avcon Jet moves forward in an eco-friendly manner.

Read more about our sustainability efforts and carbon offset offers here.