Another Successful Antarctica Season in the Books

Our third season of Antarctica missions came to a close today with the completion of our last flight out of the continent. The season began on December 4th, 2022, with several passenger trips planned. Each flight performed began in Cape Town, South Africa and ended at Wolf Fang’s Runway, Antarctica. Since 2007, Avcon Jet has been a proud partner of White Desert Antarctica, a premier luxury Antarctic travel company established in 2005. Each year, after months of planning, we fly their guests to and from White Desert’s luxury arctic camps, Whichaway, Wolf’s Fang, and Echo. We take immense pride in each and every one of these trips as we are the only operator currently performing flights to Earth’s southernmost continent. Over the course of this past season, we successfully completed 7 round trips to the continent. These flights were made possible by our Gulfstream G550, a beautiful ultra-long-range jet seating up to 19 passengers. We continue being a trusted partner of White Desert Antarctica and can’t wait for the start of our 4 season together this December.