An Embraer Legacy 600 which is part of Avcon Jet's charter fleet.

Expansive and Exceptional – A Closer Look into Avcon Jet’s Charter Fleet

Comfort, Efficiency, and Reliability – three words that define the business aviation industry and three aspects that Avcon Jet delivers without fail. Our substantial fleet allows you to make the perfect aircraft choice for your trip without compromise. Let us provide you with an overview of the charter aircraft options available when you choose Avcon Jet.

Light Jets

Compact yet spacious, our fleet of light jets offer a versatile combination of performance, comfort, and style. These jets can accommodate six to seven people and offer a maximum range of 2,170 to 3,778 km, making them perfect for short trips. Their agility also makes them well-suited for navigating smaller airports and runways that larger aircraft may find challenging, thus expanding your travel options. As a versatile and cost-efficient option, these jets remain a favorite among travelers seeking to fly without compromise.

Learn more about our light jet options below:


Citation CJ3+


Citation CJ4

Mid-Size Jets

Ideal for short to medium-haul flights, the Mid-Size jet category offers a range of options that balance performance and comfort. With cabins flooded with natural light, spacious and comfortable seats accommodating up to 8 people, and the capability to travel up to 5,278 km, mid-size jets offer an ideal environment for relaxation while connecting you to your destination. Whether you need to focus on work during your flight or catch up on sleep, our Mid-Size aircraft ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.


Learjet 75


Citation Latitude


Citation XLS+

Super Mid-Size Jets

If your travels often involve long transcontinental trips, yet you aim to remain cost-effective, then one of our super mid-size jets is the perfect fit for you. These jets are renowned for being the fastest and most fuel-efficient option for extended journeys. Featuring modern interiors and space for up to 8-11 people depending on the model, these aircraft are ideal for catching up with family and friends during your

flight or enjoying a few movies to pass the time. Regardless of your travel purpose, our super mid-size options are suitable for journeys spanning 4,018 to 6,019 km.


Challenger 300


Challenger 350

Heavy Jets

Comfortable travel reaches new heights with our Heavy Jet options. Experience unparalleled comfort with our Heavy Jet options From gourmet hot meals to state-of-the-art entertainment systems, every aspect of these aircraft are crafted to ensure your journeys aboard are nothing short of perfect. Experience the freedom of standing up and stretching your legs in spacious cabins, or unwind and relax on the accommodating couches and reclining seats. The amenities offered in this category of aircraft truly set a new standard for high-end travel.

Ultra Long-Range Jets

When it comes to our Ultra Long-Range Jets, we offer the best of the best in this category. These jets represent the ultimate aircraft for flying any distance, boasting a range of amenities to ensure your comfort throughout the journey. Featuring spacious and comfortable seating options, generously sized tables, a variety of entertainment choices, and expansive lavatories, our Ultra Long-Range Jets provide a luxurious home in the sky. Some models even offer the convenience of transforming into a private bedroom, complete with a comfortable bed for uninterrupted rest until you reach your final destination.


As the largest jet category, Ultra Long-Range jets can accommodate 14-19 passengers and have the capability to fly non-stop for extended distances ranging from 9,630 to 12,964 km. If you’re seeking to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, then one of our Ultra Long-Range Jet options is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.


Global 5000


Global 6000


Falcon 7X





Experience the Unimpossible Difference with Avcon Jet

At Avcon Jet, we have curated our fleet to comprise of only the best aircraft the market has to offer. Paired with our personalized services, we offer the highest-quality options for jet charter in the industry from the moment you send your flight request to the moment you walk off the plane at your final destination. Whether it’s a business trip, special occasion, or a spontaneous getaway, we invite you to experience the unimpossible in jet travel with Avcon Jet today.

Experience our fleet for yourself and book your next trip with us.