From left to right, Kim Lantz (Head of Flight Planning Solutions at ForeFlight), Kevin Sutterfield (Chief Revenue Officer of ForeFlight), Andreas Bierwirth (CEO of AvconJet), and Christian Hrauda (Accountable Manager of AvconJet) stand together holding a commemorative certificate of joining. The certificate, featuring a scenic aerial photograph, signifies a significant partnership. The backdrop displays the ForeFlight logo.

A Look into ForeFlight:

Avcon Jet's New Integrated Flight Planning System

Over the past several months, we have been diligently implementing ForeFlight, an advanced flight planning system, across Avcon Jet’s operational departments. This exciting transition culminated last week at EBACE, where we officially signed the final step of ForeFlight’s integration into our operations. This tool will effectively replace Avcon Jet’s current flight planning system, ARINC, offering a more advanced and user-friendly platform for flight planning, mass and balance, and performance, thereby significantly enhancing our operational efficiency and situational awareness.

Why ForeFlight?

So, why do we need this change? The initial driver of this change was the imminent end-of-support for Jeppesen Mobile FD at the end of January 2024. While Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro is available as a replacement, its high cost led us to seek a more efficient, cost-effective solution. This is where ForeFlight came in—a single app solution that promises to increase situational awareness and streamline our data processing capabilities.

Diagram showcasing the extensible ecosystem of ForeFlight and its integrations. Central to the diagram is a computer displaying ForeFlight Dispatch, surrounded by connected modules: Runway Analysis, Weight & Balance, E-APIS, Tankering, and supported scheduling systems. On the right, multiple layers of the ForeFlight Mobile app are displayed, highlighting its comprehensive functionalities.

Initial Modules and Functionalities

Our focus is on implementing several key modules offered by ForeFlight:

  • Jeppesen Charting: Already in place as of December 2023, this module enhances our navigational capabilities.
  • ForeFlight Dispatch: Facilitates seamless coordination of flight operations.
  • ForeFlight Runway Analysis and Performance: Ensures optimal aircraft performance and safety.
  • ForeFlight Weight & Balance: Simplifies weight distribution calculations for safer flights.
  • ForeFlight Flight Tracking: Provides real-time monitoring of flights.
  • ForeFlight Mobile: The core of the system, offering comprehensive flight planning tools.
  • ForeFlight Interactive Navlog and Oceanic Plotting Chart: Enhances navigation, particularly for long-haul flights.

These modules collectively contribute to a more integrated and efficient flight operation system, aligning with our commitment to leveraging innovative technology.

Looking Ahead

The integration of ForeFlight marks a significant milestone for Avcon Jet, but it’s just the beginning. We are planning to further enhance our operations with the implementation of Electronic Journey Logs and an Electronic Technical Log Book. Additionally, we are exploring new technologies and artificial intelligence developments with our partner to continue advancing our capabilities.

Switching to ForeFlight has not only been a technological upgrade but also a step towards a more efficient, safer, and more streamlined operation. We are excited about the possibilities this new system brings and look forward to seeing its benefits unfold in our daily operations.