group of six men from Avcon Jet and Austro Control stand together, smiling, with one man holding a document. A sign in the background reads "Herzlich Willkommen" and "Welcome." The image celebrates the One CAMO Approval.

Avcon Jet Receives One CAMO Approval from Austro Control:

Avcon Jet has achieved a significant milestone having officially received their “One CAMO” approval from Austro Control. This approval consolidates the operations of three separate Air Operator Certificates (AOCs) all operating under Avcon Jet—Avcon Jet Austria, International Jet Management, and Jet 24—into a single operational framework. This strategic move is set to enhance efficiency, reduce redundancies, and offer greater flexibility across all three companies’ operations. Notably, this is the first One CAMO approval for a business jet operator in Austria.

The recently granted One CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) approval allows for the continuing airworthiness management of Avcon Jet Austria, International Jet Management, and Jet 24’s aircraft under one unified system. Previously, each AOC required its own separate operational protocols, resulting in redundant audits, maintaining separate manuals, and considerable administrative overhead. With the new approval, these processes are streamlined into one cohesive system.


Christian Hrauda, Avcon Jet’s Accountable Manager, expressed his satisfaction with this achievement. “We are delighted to have completed this major milestone for our company. The One CAMO approval will significantly improve our operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We look forward to the enhanced operational capabilities and the flexibility this brings to our organization,” said Hrauda.

One of the primary advantages of this unified approach is the reduction in the number of audits conducted by Austro Control. Under the previous arrangement, each AOC required separate audits, consuming time and resources. The One CAMO approval means fewer audits, which translates to reduced disruptions and more streamlined operations. This change not only alleviates the administrative burden but also enhances the overall operational efficiency of the companies involved.

Furthermore, the consolidation reduces the need for multiple manuals and their regular updates. Prior to this approval, Avcon Jet had to maintain and regularly update three different sets of manuals—one for each AOC. The One CAMO approval means that now, only a single set of manuals needs to be maintained and updated, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Andreas Bierwirth, CEO of Avcon Jet, praised the efforts of everyone involved in securing the One CAMO approval. “I want to extend my earnest thanks to all the employees that worked tirelessly towards achieving this significant approval. Their dedication and hard work have been instrumental in making this possible. We also extend our deepest gratitude to Austro Control for their cooperation, guidance, and support throughout this process. This achievement marks a new era of streamlined and efficient operations for our company,” Bierwirth stated.


The One CAMO approval not only benefits Avcon Jet internally but also positions the company more favorably within the aviation industry. The enhanced efficiency and flexibility can lead to improved service offerings, potentially attracting more clients and business opportunities. It underscores Avcon Jet’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence and regulatory compliance. Looking ahead, Avcon Jet plans to expand this One CAMO approval to include its other EASA AOCs, further extending the benefits of streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency across all its European operations.